Pokemon The Rainbow Badge p o k e m o n


Umbreons are freaking tanks, so I tried to draw one with a heavier-looking build. I based it on a Rottweiler \o 3o/


I decided to take my Mew collection down from its shelves for some crazy reason so I could take pictures of it all together! Took a few hours to take it down, set this up, and then put it all back so it fits on the shelves more or less.

This isn’t all of it because I have lots of cards, stickers, notebooks, etc., but this is all or nearly all of the 3D items!

Sneak Peak of the upcoming Tomy Collection!

Photo provided by PokeCollection 


Mega Blissey

Normal / Ghost

Ability: Eternal Bliss* (All residual damage will heal the amount of HP it would normally cause in damage. Any poison damage will only heal 1/8 of its maximum HP)


Artist: HallowDew


wait a fucking second


My Favorite Shiny Pokémon  [x] ۞ ~

Nanoblock Pokemon Set: Mewtwo

¥ 836 (June 30, 2014) 

Nanoblock Pokemon Set: Charizard

¥ 1,054 (June 30, 2014)